Winners Chapel International Pretoria - Week of Spiritual Emphasis

Financial Fortune Banquet

Next Sunday, 26th May, 2019 shall be our Financial Fortune Banquet.


Recognize that financial fortune is part of our redemptive right in Christ. Among the reasons why Christ died is to dry up poverty and its accompanist in our lives – Rev 5:12


Also remember that to be rich is not a sin, but to make riches one’s god is what makes one to sin. At redemption, He took your poverty and gave you riches and prosperity.

Moreover, being the last Sunday in the month of May, it shall also double as our Special End of Month Thanksgiving, Marriage and Children Dedication Service. This is where we return to God in appreciation of all he has blessed us with this month of May.

Therefore next Sunday, among others, expect:


  • The termination of inherited poverty – Gal 3:13
  • Total end to the operations of the spirit of borrowing, begging, greed; stopping your prosperity - Psalm 37:25
  • Divine empowerment for heaven’s order of wealth and riches - Deut 8:18
  • Expect perfection of on every side Lk 17:11-19
  • Expect strange multiplication of your blessings Jn 6:6-11
  • Expect to carry His presence into June and beyond -Ps 100:4/Ps 16:11
  • Expect Divine preservationMal 2:1-3


It shall indeed be a service supernatural turnaround in every aspect of your life especially financially.


Remember, every service is a special appointment with your maker for your continuous advancement!

The Service schedules are as follows: 7:00am, 8:45am & 10:30am.

Jesus is Lord!


David O. Adebayo.