As a church, God has been good to us and here in Pretoria South Africa, the Liberation mandate is still speaking. The presence of God is lavishly present in all our services, the church is growing in leaps and bounds, men and women are breaking forth on every front; and with testimonies of supernatural rescues from death and destruction, there is no denying that heaven was in a hurry to deliver Quantum Leap testimonies to the Winners' World.

Below are Few Outstanding Testimonies out of Winners chapel International, Pretoria.

23 December 2019

Sis Andronica

Financial Breakthrough

My name is Andro, I am here to testify to the goodness of God. The enemy wanted to paralyse me with sickness and the loss of properties, but I am here to testify today. A week ago, God started paralysing me with blessing. 

A very rich friend of mine asked if I still liked farming, which I replied “yes”, and he told me “Let’s go and get your land then.” We went and bought the land; which has my name on the deed. 

Also, last week, I reminded God that pastor had said “No carryovers into 2019”; and the ever-faithful God surprised me with huge amount of money in my bank account. 

My eldest daughter told me of some businessmen who want to do business on my land. 

God is amazing! 

Sis Andronica 

16 December 2019

Bro Promise

Supernatural Healing

My name is Promise, I want to thank the God of this Commission for what He has done in my life. Recently, I’ve been praying to God about my vision and around 3:45 AM last night after I had prayed, I heard Him speak to me. I had to check on Google as I didn’t understand the meaning of what He said but it turned out to be a confirmation of what He had told me before. 

Secondly, my dad fell sick and I had never known him to be sick, since I was young. He even had to go to the hospital. When I came to Shiloh 2018, Papa spoke about the Spirit of Boldness, so declared that because I am here, no one in my family would die prematurely. That night when I got home, I saw the spirit of death enter my room. I began to pray and started speaking the word that death was swallowed in victory because of Jesus and I commanded that spirit to be terminated. The next day, when I spoke to my mom, she told me that my dad had passed out and came back to life mysteriously. To the glory of God, my dad called me a few days ago to tell me that he’s been discharged from the hospital.